Hsu Fu Chu



MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Hsu Fu Chu .

Hsu Fu Chu design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 18 award-winning works in Interior Space and Exhibition Design, Landscape Planning and Garden Design and Urban Planning and Urban Design.

  • Specialization : Interior


G Design was found in 1998, at the era of real estate reconstruction right after the 921 Earthquake. We provide real professional design for the major service, over 20 years of participation in real estate of development, in the position of market trends. We have been creating glamorous and high quality habitat, upgrading public housing lifestyle. More importantly, we take great care of natural environment for company's core value. Meanwhile offers ours professional services to the maintenance and preservation of local cultural buildings. G Design has a scale of 40 employees, covers a range of talented and creative people in the field of architect, landscape, interior and art base. Here are the several variety contents we serve: 1. Atrium landscape design and construction of new residential community. 2. Public interior design of new residential community. 3. Landscape and interior design for factory and office. 4. Landscape design for public construction. 5. Construction of reception centre and display house. 6. Private architect and private interior design.

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