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MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed David Colijn.

David Colijn design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 1 award-winning work in Wholesale, Retail Trade, Commerce and E-Commerce Design.

  • Specialization : Trade


51% of consumers postpones and 36% cancels their purchases of customizable furniture because they can’t imagine how it will look. This “imagination gap” is a multi-billion dollar problem. iONE360 is a visual product configurator suited for furniture and similar industries. It can handle elaborate customizable products including complex business rules and pricing, which often result in millions of possible variations. Users can generate configurations themselves and can add 2D and 3D visuals, which is then translated to an easy step-by-step guided selling process that can be embedded in other applications. Companies can now offer their customizable products on all channels consistently; providing (3D) product configuration on webshops, AR, VR and even a roomplanner. All from one single source. Purchases are translated to required SKU information needed to connect to sales, purchasing and logistics to eliminate wrong orders. Now, even consumers can customize complex products without mistakes and can properly see products before making expensive purchases. Sales value goes up and delivered products will match expectations, which means: less returns, less waste and happy customers! Csideglobal is the vendor behind iONE360. As part of the Colijn group of companies (Dutch based) it serves as an international software vendor that believes in the strong integration between industry expertise and technological innovation and bringing these together into great advancing solutions. The Colijn group of companies has a near 40 years of experience in building software products, mainly for the furniture industry. With Csideglobal and iONE360 however, we have widened our reach both in terms of types industries as well as geography (we now offer our products worldwide).

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