Gerardo Ríos Altamirano



MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Gerardo Ríos Altamirano.

Gerardo Ríos Altamirano design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 15 award-winning works in Furniture Design and Interior Space and Exhibition Design.

  • Specialization : Furniture


Gerardo Ríos's artistry and craftsmanship is a symbiotic reflection of what he believes in and often finds inspiration on “the daring romance and adventures that we find in people, history and our natural environment”. Ríos’ artistic spirit is inherited from a lineage of artists dating back to his great-great grandfather, the world-renowned painter José MarÍa Velasco. Each piece of furniture, whether it is a chair, a divan, or a chaise lounge, should create a sense of harmony and provoke a sensual response with the person who experiences it. For Gerardo Ríos, It is the need to communicate and the possibility of astonishment that defines the word “Design”.

Gerardo Ríos Altamirano Designs

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