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MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design is pleased to present you with the personal design exhibition of esteemed Ayhan Güneri .

Ayhan Güneri design exhibition at MOOD presents you with 11 award-winning works in Interior Space and Exhibition Design, Furniture Design and Movie, Video and Animation Design.

  • Specialization : Interior


Ayhan Güneri was born in Istanbul in 1965. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he studied interior archictecture at Mimar Sinan University. Between 1989-1999, he managed industrial and interior design works together. In 2000, with his proffessional education and industrial knowledge, he established Ayhan Güneri Mimarlık Hizmetleri ( Architectural Services). Since, the beginnig of his proffessional works, he and his colleagues involved more than 100 projects in Turkey and abroad. With manifacturing activity; textile-leather-shoe-furniture-law-insurance trade- automotive-chemistry-machine-electronic-computer software sectors, for areas of speacial life, we did shops-showrooms-offices-fairstands, they made for reflects companies corparate identity. They always interested in, physical and psychological conditions, ergonomi, functions of each space. Every project is a new exciment for them. At the end of the project, their interest not just the places, the most important thing is people, who live in that place, feel privilege, its their proud and happiness. They always pay attention to be innovative, radical and punctual when they improve the project. All the project they have start with business relations, at the end of the project they became a good friends. They appreciate for preferring them.

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