Exhibition 01. Shouting Designs: This exhibition features unique designs by Onur Mustak Cobanli of OMC² Design Studios, designs include furnitures, daily and house hold objects and more. Onur Mustak Cobanli, at an early age stablished the OMC² Design Studios, which has been creating designs that appeal to the soul of users. In this exhibition, we share selected works from their portfolio of industrial and furniture designs.

The OMC² Design Studios office works heavily on furniture designs, in addition to industrial and interior projects.

Each time a new design is made, a scaled prototype is prepared.

These scaled prototypes are exhibited in the studio which is open for visitors.

1. FLD Folding Chair: The chair folds horizontally rather than vertically, it is a folding chair that hides itself. FLD was designed for luxury but small spaces, where a beautiful folding chair might come handy. Very durable in outdoor environments, fire, sunshine, water resistant heavy duty chair.

2. Kivrulyapra Stool: Design to sit next to a pool, many of Kivrulyapra stools can be put together to form a bigger furniture for outdoors. An arrangement of five gives the best form. Example of organic design.

3. Rahile End Table: Repeatation and geometric motifs are an important part of Islamic design, in addition to the detailed craftsmanship, this end table reflects both traditions in aunique way.

4. Parmk Chair: Parmk is a slim chair born with the inspiration from nature. It is like a couple of leafs that support you for your comfort. This is truly a unique and ergonomic chair that can fit both the classic luxurious and modern spaces at the same time.

5. Peki Rocking Chair: Peki is a rocking chair with an unorthodox way of thinking, the chair has eight legs, the idea for this comes from my early school days where I was actually rocking on two legs, with extra 4 legs I am sure it rocks! The object also gives a breath to the industrially boring space. Also a bit of inspired by thorns and so.

6. Silhouette Chair: Can you see the faces? This is one is a particular plywood chair with a unique twist!.

7. Kotatsu 2 Magazine Holder: This is a new version of the artists original Kotatsu magazine holder, this one is more sleek and elegant. Inspired by nature, can be used literally anywhere.

8. Kareas B Stool: One of the artist's favourite stools, this stackable stool was inspired in Japan..

9. Topit Chair: Cobanli was very happy when he realised that the form of this chair actually looks like that of an Antoni Gaudi Chair, great minds think alike he said! Now served hot with texture!.

10. Nightyboy Tea-Pot: This is one of the ideal tea-pots that Cobanli would like to have in his home. Different from his similar design Caydanlik, Nightyboy one is more masculine with its rectangular holding place and the pouring channel.

11. Arcyum Arm Chair: Atoms and eggs, or an abacus evolved. This seating is extremely comfortable and outgoing, always waiting to support you. Leather is chosen for seating cover for your precious environment.

12. Cows Coffee Table: Inspired by the cows, that we love.. (unfortunately in most cases.. to eat.. to drink its milk.. and as ceramic dolls) and the bowling pins, this is a limited edition piece to add some spice to your interiors..

13. Trepo Coffee Table: Trepo is an evolved tripodish coffee table with an organic feeling, smooth lines and also a sense of sharpness all together. For colorful environments I would have colorless - plain colored legs, and for plain environments I would have colorful legs for the Trepo! A plus; having three legs, Trepo is a very balanced coffee table..

14. Moderm Man Cloth Hanger: What is Modern Man? What does Modern Man do? Basically, it is a clothes tree, you can throw your clothes to him and he will catch them! Designed at the dimensions and the shape of an archetype man, the modernman is actually an ironic statement to current state of things..

15. Tung Grand Chair: The chair takes its inspiration from the beautiful tung flower, I wanted to have an object that is quite comforting and welcoming..

16. Caroline Uno Arm Chair: Caroline Uno is a spacious recliner designed with organic tendencies, it feels like the object is alive, sitting there and waiting the right moment to move; when you turn around the recliner perhaps walks in secrecy.

17. Kirkikiayak Coffee Table: An upgrade to Cobanli's kirkayak design, this one has a new form and it is a higher table then the kirkayak..

18. Nuova Testa del David Stool: I am almost certain that this is the final design of my head series, this one is happier and more importantly it is more stable. It is available in gold, platinum, black and red.. Inspired by the David Sculpture.

The Ceramic version of the Nuova Testa del David stool are equally comfortable.

19. Bilincalti Coffee Table: Bilincalti, literally subconsciousness. From the top view, it is so clear, whereas a wild sea is raging beneath the serene surface of the table. I am dedicating this design for those who seek the inner beauty among things and people..

20. Limbus Citrus Squeezer: I love lemon squeezers mostly because they were one of the first tools that I remember using, I also love lemonade anyways, in "fool's gold" color, the Limbus is a fully functional lemon squeezer that also look like a shuriken which is great for kitchen ninjas!.

21. Comb Clone: This particular design has two seating sides, the back part, although not as comfortable as the front, can be very useful for providing some more little extra space. This bench was inspired by combs.

22. Riverside Bench: Riverside is a configurable bench system that can take several different shapes, the shape is inspired by rivers, which finds a way to flow no matter what the obstacle.

23. Darts Data Stick: Darts are designed from the idea that, when placed in computer the traditional USB flash disk look like Darts that are thrown into the wall, so why not take this idea further and arrive at a design that looks surprising and fun? Available in Red, Green and Blue as darts do. Darts USB Key could scare the hell out of your friends, if you plug it secretly, however it is overall a fun object with kind of toy-like feeling, available in different colors and perhaps different tails..

24. Mr. USB Data Stick: You know it, when you place a flash disk drive, the red leds start blinking, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, according to data transfered, this is very similar to the heart beat, which itself is the signal of life, emotions and aliveness, beating differently at our different emotional moments. This was the main inspiration, furthermore when I was a kid, I used to play with lego bricks and there was always these little action figures, It was a moment of creation when these two ideas fused in my mind and a design was born. This is a little and cute USB Key, actually a part of the product family - literally product family * with Ms. USB, Jr. USB, Grandpa USB etc. Comes with several cap and heads that make the object collectible.

25. Dondola Stool: Dondola is a unique type of stool that is horizontally and vertically stackable, when stacked horizontally it becomes a bench which could indeed be extremely long as many of the Dondola could be connected to each other, alternatively, it could also be used in upright position to have an ergonomic seating (round surface on top) and could be turned upside down and used as a rocking stool (round surface bottom). Quite fun for children and it works equally well for serious spaces

27. Red Onion Puff/Cushion: Red Onion is an interesting set of cushions / ground seats that are stacked all together in a sculpturesque object that could provide seating for up to 28 people, plus the central element can be used as storage! Cushions have an elastic back that helps preserve the shape. Intended for both indoor and outdoor use, the Red Onion is totally unique piece of furniture.

28. Concrete Family Outdoor Seating System: The Concrete Family consists of Concrete Bir, Iki and Uc and also the Tash and the City Lamp. It was designed to create a home feeling in the city-scape, to carry the interior to exterior to have a different kind of feeling when you are seated in parks

29. Soffa Aile Guest Set: This is an example organization of the Soffa family, the four seater Soffa Dort, Two seater Soffa Iki, and Soffa Birs and also the Soffaaa coffee table is in the picture, the designs was inspired by 1970s furniture designs which are organic and sci-fi themed. I wanted to do somethink like that but with a modern twist to it not obviously 1970s. I believe this line is promising.

30. Beton Family Outdoor Seating System: Beton family is a seating system that consists of a three seater, two seater and two single seater benches with the shape of traditional sofa, couch, recliner in concrete. Comes also with the coffee table and the street lamp..

31. Amoeba Grand Chair: Wow, what is this thing? Can we sit on it? Will it eat us? Is it a living chair or what? The Amoeba chair makes you ask these questions, makes you question yourself. By the way I think time will come when we will grow the chairs like this one, somehow genetically.

32. Starchild Boots: Starchild boots will always remind you that you are indeed coming from the sky! The boots are totally water proof and also stylish. Many other colors and designs are also available.